The Secret Laws of Art: Portfolio Project Four artworks by four artists, in order of appearance: Desiree Alvarez, Tamara Gayer, Hope Sandrow and Sally Apfelbaum. For sale as a group of four works. Limited Edition of 10, 2016. Desiree Alvarez, Melville's Telescope, 11"x11", Woodcut on Japanese Paper Sally Apfelbaum, Mille Fiori, study for the series, 'Jewelry for Buildings', 11"x14" Acrylic on Paper Tamara Gayer, Throat Chakra, 11"x14" Vinyl on Paper Hope Sandrow, Observational Findings, May 28 12:35:11pm, Drawn in Dirt by Anonymous member of Shinnecock Family Flock spacetime, Open Air Studio, Shinnecock Hills, 11"x14" Archival Pigment Print.

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